Thursday, October 16, 2014

Suede Timbs On My Feet Makes My Cipher Complete (Timberland Flash Sale!)

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Suede Timbs On My Feet Makes My Cipher Complete (Timberland Flash Sale!)

**In case you are wondering...yes, there are affiliate links where I will get paid a small go ahead and get to clicking**
Hello Lovelies!  Today is a new day *AND* Timberland is having a flash sale! Hence, the classic Nasir quotable title of this post. However, the sale is today only, from 10am-4pm EST!  You get 20% off of 1 item *PLUS* free shipping with code FALL14!  Click here to take advantage of the sale!

Besides being the focus of many hip hop quotables, Timberland has been a major part of street wear fashion for decades now.  I mean how many other shoes (besides sneakers) can you wear now from the 90's and still be fashionable? (Do you think I could bring back the Clarke Wally's?!) I actually remember when I got my first pair of Timbs, I had the cheese and broccoli's (another hip hop reference-meaning green and yellow Timbs) and thought I was the flyest thing ever.  Then I went girlie and got pink Timberlands, and again, you couldn't tell me anything.  

Timberland is known for rugged sophistication and quality.  I donated my cheese and broccoli's and pink Timbs years ago and I bet, whomever bought 'em, still had many years of wear out of them.  Timberland offers quality, well made, long lasting, fashionable, shoes, boots, outerwear and apparel, that have been not only a hip hop favorite but a staple of all people and cultures.

Take advantage of this flash sale and get a new pair of cheese and broccoli's or whatever you require! (Smile) And no worries, if you miss the flash sale, here are some more of the deals Timberland is offering!

As Always, Happy Shopping (and Real Hip Hop!)

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