Friday, October 17, 2014

I Found You Ms. New Bootie! At Chinese Laundry, That Is (Exclusive Discounts Inside)

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I Found You Ms. New Bootie! At Chinese Laundry, That Is

**In case you are wondering...yes, there are affiliate links where I will get paid a small go ahead and get to clicking. It's a win/win situation!**

Hey Lovelies!  Today, we are having a "I Deserve New Shoes" moment.  Yes, repeat the mantra with all the conviction you can muster..."I. Deserve. New. Shoes."  Yes, manifest that in your life. After we repeat our mantra (and believe it) 'lo and behold, here is Chinese Laundry to the rescue!

"From inspired daytime looks in innovative fabrics to eye-catching evening collections featuring iridescent metals, Chinese Laundry provides an impressive array of on-trend styles ideal for today's ever-changing fashion landscape." -Chinese Laundry

Chinese Laundry stepped out in 1981 with a collection of fashion forward footwear targeted to young women. Its remarkable ability to deliver trendy shoes for all kinds of lifestyles, Chinese Laundry shoes have attracted the attention of numerous celebrities and debutantes. Chinese Laundry's funky styles and affordable prices make them a fav go-to brand of just about everyone.

Right now Chinese Laundry is running a few sales *AND* we deserve new shoes, right?! Right!

Sale #1 Save up to 50% off pumps at for a limited time only! Yes, 50% off...of Chinese Laundry Pumps.  I repeat, 50% OFF! Click here to take advantage of this sale.

Sale #2 Take $40 off select boots for a limited time at! 40% off boots, just in time for fall/winter! Click here to take advantage of this sale.

Lastly, you get $5 flat rate shipping or free shipping on any order over $75!  So visit and obey your mantra, "I Deserve New Shoes, Booties, Heels, Pumps, and Boots"!

As Always, Happy Shopping!

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