Saturday, October 11, 2014

I HEART Lash Closet!

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I HEART Lash Closet!

Happy Saturday Lovelies!  I want to share with you my new obsession...Lash Closet!!!  Yes, Lash Closet!  Lash Closet in your online destination for natural looking lashes and lash beauty tools!  From Lash Closet's website:

"We have a huge interest in make up and you could even call us an false eyelash junkie! We have searched all over the world for the best products in beauty.  We stand out from the rest because of our unique product line up.  We were becoming a little bored by just the average beauty products and makeup lately and decided to put together a store with great products from all over the world.

Our love for false eyelashes is strong and we believe it completes every makeup look. We carry many different lines that are of the highest quality and that are durable plus comfortable to wear, and yet very affordable.  No matter whether you like your lashes natural, or dramatic, there has to be a design that suits your look of the day when you shop with us. Our products are guaranteed to make you beautiful in an instant.
We are passionate about providing you with the best service when you buy our products.  We are a family owned business that has built it’s company on the belief that our customer’s needs are of the utmost importance.  Our entire team is committed to getting you your products fast."

Lash Closet has a wide array of lashes from synthetic to human, from strips to individual lashes, adhesives and even skin care items.  They have a little something for everyone. All of Lash Closets items are affordable and in stock.  The reviews for Lash Closets customer service are phenomenal.  However, my favorite aspect of Lash Closet is the subscription service.  Yesssssssss the subscription service!
That's right lovelies, you can choose to receive new lashes weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly.  You customize your own packages.  Subscriptions are automatically paid for by the credit card you put on file and are automatically billed once the products have been shipped. If at anytime you wish to cancel your subscription simply log into your account and unsubscribe before your next delivery period. Packages will vary based on the combination of the items that are select. Luckily for you, Lash Closet is offering an extra 10% off using code: subscription! Hi-five!  Go ahead place your hand on the screen for a little cyber hi-five!  Not going to do it?  That's okay, just make sure you visit Lash Closet today at!  Lash Closet and it's subscription service is epic and has all your lash needs!  Here's to your beautiful lashes!  As Always, Happy Shopping!
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