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PSA: Ladies, We Are Not Supposed to Look Like Drag Queens

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PSA: Ladies, We Are Not Supposed to Look Like Drag Queens

Yes ladies, we have officially taken it too far.  Now this isn't a swipe at Drag Queens, because you can learn a lot from them (A LOT), and I am still amazed how Rupaul can go from this...

To this...

So yes ladies, Drag Queens are a plethora of information. Blending, contouring your face, tips and tricks to make you look your best, Drag Queens could teach us a thing or two.  However, you, as a woman, shouldn't be at Whole Foods, at your job, or out during the daytime looking like a trannie.  Seriously.  It's a bad look and some of you have taken it way too far.

Too much hair, really big unnatural lace fronts, overdone makeup, and horrible, horrible fake eyelashes (shudder).

Homegirl from Bad Girls Club is a walking advertisement for this post.  I have worn hair extensions, fake eyelashes, and the whole nine, so this isn't an attack on weaves, wigs, or eyelashes.  It is however, an attempt, to motivate you to get your life and stop all this craziness.  You look bad.  Really bad and for those of you who are saying to yourselves, "well men like it"...maybe you should ask your man some personal questions about his sexual preferences.  Just saying.

If you want a wig, by all means get one!  However, make sure it is not the only thing people see!  Wigs, weaves, extensions, eyelashes, makeup, shoes and clothes are meant to enhance!  Not be the center of attention.  Go ahead and take a pack or two of hair out of your sew in, get a wig and take it to a stylist so she can frame it for your face and thin it out, and have your eyelashes professionally done.  Do yourself (and everyone else who snaps your pic and makes hilarious memes of it to post on Instagram) a favor!  Believe me you'll thank me for it.  In 20 years when you look at your full 5TB hard drive of selfies, you can admire how good you looked, instead of cringing and thinking to yourself "WTF was I thinking?! I look like a man!

If you are in need of this message, no worries, because you are not alone.

Actually a very beautiful woman...but come on now, it's absolutely too much!  If I didn't tell you, you would think this was a drag queen!

Wendy, come on now!  You can do better.

No words...and her line at KMart looks like it was made for Drag Queens.

I love me some Kelly...but the hair and the makeup are definitely making her look like a man in drag.

No words. 

Angela Simmons real hair is very long.  SO why add all this madness? I have no clue.  It would be cute if she took a pack or two of hair out.

Alexandra is a repeat offender.

Why Ashanti, Why?!

Noooooooooooo Azalea!  Don't do it!

Looks like a Drag Queen, no doubt.  Very pretty curvy girl, but she's looking a bit trannie.

This is just bad.

This might actually be a man.  

On top of it being too much hair, why does it always look tangled?


African Royalty isn't spared either.

Elle is wrong as hell for this.

She doesn't have any real friends.  Her friends are fake evil wenches for allowing their friend to go out like this.


Unfortunately Tiffany always looked like a drag queen.  

Pretty girl, but it's way too much hair on her head.  Way too much! Take a pack out sweetheart before you put your pics on the internet.
Could be a man.

As cute as her outfit is, all I can see is a lot of bad fake hair.

If the bar wasn't covering their eyes, you could see how beautiful both of these women truly are.  However, with the bar they look like they could be men, right?  Too much makeup not in a proper shade and too much hair!

No words.

Tamar always looks a bit mannish.

Could really be a Drag Queen.

With all the rumors about Cici, you would think she would avoid the trannie look by all means.

Ashanti is a repeat offender.

Trina...Trina...Trina, Trina TRINA!  Why honey? Why?!
In conclusion, I am all for enhancing your looks.  I have no problem with extensions, eyelashes, makeup even plastic surgery...HOWEVER, I am against women looking like Drag Queens.  You look a hot damn mess.  There is no way I can wax poetic about it or sugar coat it for you.  You look bad, really bad, and you need to stop it.

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  1. Bwahahahaha!!!! I literally laughed out loud at my desk! Great post as usual!

  2. You just really made me smile and laugh :)) Yes, I totally agree with you. Ladies must not supposed look like a drag queen. I totally love your blog.


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