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Revamping the Wardrobe: The Trick to Selling Clothes at Plato's Closet

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Revamping the Wardrobe: The Trick to Selling Clothes at Plato's Closet

Now that I have cleaned out my's time to sell clothes I don't want (or can't fit) to Plato's Closet! Happy Dance time!

For the unfamiliar:

"Plato's Closet® buys and sells the latest looks in brand name gently used clothing and accessories for teen and twenty something guys and girls." (From the site

Basically, Plato's Closet buys and sells gently used clothes.  As stated on their website, they market their store and clothes towards teenagers and twenty somethings.  That doesn't mean a grown and sexy lady like  myself can't get it in at Plato's however! Wink, wink! 

The "trick" to selling clothes at Plato's is simple.

1) Understanding Plato's is geared towards teenagers and young adults is important.  That means no matter if you have high end luxury goods to sell, if they can't sell it to young people they won't buy it.  They are looking for trendy items!

2) Find out what your particular Plato's location is looking for, by visiting their site, (each location has it's own website) to decide what clothes you will try to sell.

Example from my store:

3) Make sure your clothes are freshly laundered and are devoid of any major staining (the armpits in particular).  When I bring my tote full of clothes in I put a dryer sheet in the bottom so the clothes smell fresh.

*******************Now the fast and dirty rules***********************

4) Never bring a TON of stuff.  Try to keep it to a tote bag or two.  I don't know exactly why this works, but I am guessing by having too much stuff you seem desperate.  Nine times out of ten, they are not going to buy all of it anyway!  

5) I seemingly have a better time selling right after the weekend or right before the weekend.  I think this works because they are trying to get their inventory back up after the weekend, and right before the weekend starts.

6) While you can find Coach, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent and other luxury items at Plato's, for the most part, this is a mall brand store.  Meaning, you will find H&M, Hollister, American Eagle, Gap, and even Charlotte Russe there in abundance. With this knowledge, try to include these brands or other popular mall brands in your sell items.

7) Sometimes it depends on who is doing the buying. One guy who was doing the buying...well he looked like Axel Rose circa 88.  Not that there's anything wrong with that! (smile) Well, he turned down a pair of never worn $250 Greedy Genius Ocean Runners for a pair of used Marc Ecko boots bought from TJ Maxx for $7. There is no explaining that other than personal taste.

Here is a video by a Plato's Closet in Colorado that shares some more selling tips

8) Make sure when you go to sell, what you are wearing is hot.  Seriously.  I went in there early one morning with a small tote bag full of trendy, gently (or never) worn garments.  I admit, I had just left the gym (I don't work out in cute outfits) and I looked a hot mess.  I really did.  They did not buy anything! I had followed the first seven rules so I just knew they were going to buy my bag full of goodies. NOPE!

So, I went home, showered, took it easy for an hour or two, and then I got dressed.  I threw on a really nice outfit, with stunning accessories, a face full of makeup and red lipstick. Yes. Red lipstick.  This time around, (just a few hours later with the same workers) they bought everything!  So, the moral of the story is, to sell your clothes at Plato's Closet, make sure you are dressed like you have clothes worth selling!

9) DO NOT bring your clothes in a garbage bag.  Break out your tote bags or a nice shopping bag, like these:

Lastly, sometimes they simply don't need what you're selling.  So don't take it personal.

Also remember, you are not going to get rich by selling to Plato's.  The average pay per piece is between $2-$7.  If you have high end luxury items you will earn more cash per piece.  But not much more. If you want to sell high end luxury goods, you would most likely make more money at a consignment shop.  However, Plato's pays on the spot.  Me personally, I sell pieces for the store credit. Plato's is a great spot to pick up trendier items for cheap.  Really cheap!

On this particular trip I brought a large tote bag full of clothes and two pairs of sneakers.  While I was waiting for them to go through the items I was selling, I perused the store for items I may want to purchase with my store credit.

I brought in about 20 items, they bought 7 of them, and my store credit (or cash) was $42.  While I wanted to buy those Yves Saint Laurent shoes, Prada shoes and a couple of Coach bags, I didn't want to spend any of my money (remember I love shopping, but hate spending money) so I used my store credit to buy...

I know it's Fall but these shoes are so cute!

American Eagle Bag. 

See what I did there? Blue Wedges!  I have been seeing this color allover the runways and fashion mags so you know I had to get these!
I purchased three items and still walked out with $17!  All in all a good shopping trip.  I managed to get rid of 7 items and pick up 3 items, one of which is in this seasons trendy blue color!

Now it's on to getting wardrobe staples!  I hope this post helps you sell to Plato's!

Check back for the next installment of Revamping the Wardrobe! Next week, we will be shopping for the core wardrobe pieces!



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